Vegan Minis
Plant-Based Energy

It’s greens gone wild! As the world increasingly embraces the value of a plant-based diet, and out-of-date points of view fall away to welcome a robust, healthful flavour profile, here’s a yummy meal option that celebrates how splendidly connected we all are to our food.

Mini and mighty with roots that extend into the earth, our vegan bites are exactly as they’re billed: delightful plant-based, meat-free marvels made entirely out of vegetables. Exploding with grains, seeds and legumes, these juicy, tangy vegan minis are nature on a dish (or in a lettuce wrap, or on a salad…you get the picture.)

Cravin’ Navy Bean

All hail the navy bean! My Healthy Kitchen’s Cravin’ Navy Bean bite is the namesake of the longstanding staple of hungry US Navy sailors’ diets. Super-charged with the cholesterol-lowering properties of the navy bean, these bites will give you energy to burn while keeping your blood sugar levels from going haywire. These all-natural, low-sodium superstar vegan bites are FREE of soy, gluten, dairy, cholesterol and trans fats.



Soothin’ Chili

A bountiful blend of black beans and red kidney beans, my Healthy Kitchen’s Soothin’ Chili Vegan deluxe energy bites pack a powerful punch of protein and fibre. Also tucked into this vegan marvel is an infusion of fresh dark greens and crunchy corn, which we know your palette will love. A proprietary blend of herbs and spices adds just the right amount of zing while a hint of tomatoes rounds out the bite’s mild spicy Mexican flavours. Like all of our products, these all-natural mini are FREE of soy, gluten, dairy, cholesterol and trans fats.



Lovin’ Lentils

Here’s an energy bite that’s truly bursting with goodness. My Healthy Kitchen’s protein-packed Lovin’ Lentils deluxe vegan minis are a heart-healthy combination of lentils, cannellini beans, dark greens and spices. The bites’s special texture comes courtesy of tasty extras like peas and basmati rice. A purely sensible superfood in a bite, this all-natural and low-sodium vegan mini is FREE of soy, gluten, dairy, cholesterol and trans fats.