“My mother loved to cook and you could taste that love in every bite.” - Chef Jan

About Chef Jan

From her earliest days, Jan stood for endless hours by her mother’s side in the kitchen, helping to prepare wholesome and satisfying meals for their large and bustling family. It was there that she would regularly examine the care and attention her mother put into every dish—along with a profusion of fresh vegetables, hearty lentils and exotic spices—and fall in love.

That love is intrinsically tied to the farmland of rural Ontario – Leamington, to be exact. Each summer, Jan’s family would pile into the sedan and head to the country, where her grandfather owned and operated a produce company. In those years, the undisturbed, vividly colourful flourishing farmland made its indelible mark on Jan.

In food, in the raw materials of the earth, Jan realized, she could express herself in ways no other medium afforded. Her attitude is quite simple: keep it clean, keep it pure, keep it wholesome, keep it natural.

In 2005, with a finance career behind her, Jan took a leap of faith, following her passion to launch her own company, My Healthy Kitchen Inc. A graduate of The Culinary Arts School of Ontario, she brings to the endeavour years spent sharpening skills and cultivating culinary preoccupations.

And she’s never stopped nurturing the gastronomic influences born all those years back at her family’s country home in Leamington. It’s why the soaring inventions she still most loves to create are the ones inspired by the harvests of her childhood.

With seasonal, homegrown produce as the mainstay of her dishes, Jan can claim with confidence that the eat-local movement was hers before the world at large got its hands on it. But more than anything else, love is the ingredient that most powerfully identifies a Chef Jan meal—just as it was for her mother.