A tradition of turning
glorious greens into
mini bites of wellness.

Vegan Minis
Plant-Based Energy

We believe in a better way of eating. A slower, more mindful way that’s gentler on our bodies and kinder to our earth. By introducing divinely delicious, plant-based alternatives to animal products, our mission is to re-educate palettes across North America—one vegan bite at a time.

Fuel Injection recipient

Our Values


Our vitamin and nutrient-packed energy bites are bursting with grains, seeds, pulses and legumes.
(They’re good for you.)


When people get their well being nurtured, it feels like love…juicy, tangy love. Sounds right to us.


These heavenly gluten-free minis are made with 100% meat-free goodness. And nothing else.


As simple as they are nutritious and delicious. Taste the magic inherent in every ingredient.

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